Leona M. Goetz Disabled Veterans' Trust
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About Leona M. Goetz Disabled Veterans' Trust
Leona M. Goetz passed away on January 16, 2011.  In her Will, she established the Leona M. Goetz Disabled Veterans' Trust.  Mrs. Goetz has no children and wanted to establish a trust for disabled veterans.  She had a strong affiliation with the military due to her late husband's service.  He suffered injuries while on active duty and earned a VA pension that she ultimately received after his death.

Mrs. Goetz was especially interested in assisting veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan battle fields with disabling injuries such as amputations and brain injuries.  She would read about these veterans returning from combat in the newspaper and wanted to establish a trust to help them with their expenses. 

This trust has been established to assist disabled veterans and their families with financial needs, including those needed but not covered by the VA.  The emphasis of this trust is on veterans serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, but assistance is not limited to disabled veterans from these two conflicts.  Any veteran with special needs, including, but not limited to, disabilities from blindness, amputation, traumatic brain injury, and other therapeutic needs will be considered.

The Trustee for the Leona M. Goetz Disabled Veterans' Trust is Curtis E. Watkins.  This Trust is a 501(c)(3) recognized tax-exempt public charity.  Any person, group, or entity interested in making a tax-deductible  contribution to the Trust should contact Mr. Watkins directly.